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    10 tips on how to stop drinking alcohol OR How I took a break from alcohol for 8 years…

    I was 26-isch years old when my then Mentor encouraged me to embark on one year of sobriety. Turns out, I loved it so much, I kept going for 8 years. He knew I wanted to guide people in the way that I do now, and that to do so, I needed to know myself, and know what it is like to really feel and be clear and alert. Challenge accepted, I thought. It came at a perfect time, I had grown tired of missing the Sunday 9 am Yoga classes due to feeling like crap, and I had just had one of tipsy blow out fights with the man…

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    Gather Yoga

    I am super passionate about being part of and connected to Gather Yoga collective as an emissary. Yes, we are all in charge of our happiness, and connecting to other people is a core desire we all share. Relationships are what make this life so colorful and extraordinary. A group of people that remind us of who we really are, inspire and support us. That can be anything, from girl’s nights, to dance class. Gather Yoga is this kind of community. A way to connect, to get inspired, to learn. Check out events, blogs, studios, teachers and all things yoga at www.gatheryoga.com

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    Andrew Cebulka

    andrewcebulka.com Andrew is by far one of the most interesting dudes I know. He is a brilliant artist, full of creative powers in all areas of his life. He is a very thought after photographer, and I feel really blessed to have had a chance to do all my pictures on the site with him. He always makes me try new foods, and his many interests inspire me to get out of my usual comfort zones. He is smart, funny, brilliant, and has always been a loyal friend to us. High five dude!!! And of course, F!yeah.

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    Kris Ward

    abundantyogi.com Before I really got to know Kris, I took her life changing Abundant Yogi Phd program. It gave me all the ins and outs to be where I am today in my business. Her spirit is so awesome, I just love this woman so much. She is stylish, funny, smart as hell, and a huge role model for me. One of the most authentic women I know. Her husband Kraig is one of the most phenomenal men you will ever meet, and her little son Rhythm is the cutest little boy I have ever laid eyes on. If you are interested in building your own business as a coach,…

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    Kathryn Budig

    kathrynbudig.com Speaking of Yoga, my soulsista Kat makes me go F!yeah every day. Check out her adventures on facebook, read her big book of Yoga, or take a class with her on www.Yogaglo.com, and you will know what I mean. Because of her, I jumped out of an airplane for christ’s sake. Her humor, perspective, great business sense, and big ol’ heart rock my world.

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    Mission Yoga

    wearemissionyoga.com My spiritual home. No dogma, no drama. This is where I teach, so come and get some lovin’ from me. The Mission family is a group of talented, funny, and experienced teachers, and I feel honored to be part of such a great bunch. Yoga is not my workout, it is my spiritual practice. My entire business practices, my personal rituals, and my belief system is firmly rooted in Yoga.

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    Pure Barre

    purebarre.com One of the highlights of 2013 was being the national Ambassador for PB. It is hands down my favorite workout. Nothing makes me feel as long, lean, fit, and excited as PB. I stopped doing all high intensity stuff, and my hunger and energy levels are a lot more stable. I have taken over 350 classes now and never get bored, and always look forward to it. As a former fitness Instructor and now Entrepreneur I also really admire the brilliant business model. This is how successful franchising works. It all started with the dream of one woman. Big F!yeah shoutout to PB Charleston owners Jen Leitch and Jenn…

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    Ash Cebulka

    www.ashcebulka.com My soulsister, Agent of Change business partner, and brilliant friend. We have been besties for over 7 years, weathered a ton of storms, had countless giggles, dance parties, and conversations. She inspires me every day and her enthusiasm is contagious. Lots of f!yeahs with this woman.  

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    Jessica Anderson

    Jess and I met at a communication workshop of our dear friend and mentor David Michael. She really could be my sister. She is one of the most powerful bitches I know. Her ability to hold space, to encourage and support, and to help others see things differently is unreal. I very much lean on her for strength, empowerment, and am eternally grateful to have the privilege of being her friend.

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    Green Monsters

    I am fan of all things green to eat. Green is the color associated with the heart chakra. So whenever I feel sad, hurt, or disconnected, I like to chug a popeye drink. If you never had one, try this simple recipe: 1C coconut water 2 handfuls spinach 1 apple blend in blender The sky’s the limit. After I drink one of these puppies, I feel alive and my body goes from blah to f!yeah. If you have an epic recipe for me to try, please send it over!