Hi, gorgeous being! Learning to trust your intuition is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. Easier said that done though, right? While it might sound nice but seem unattainable to connect within, I assure you: it is possible, especially with subconsious integration (aka PSYCH-K®).

Do you ever look back at certain situations or relationships that ended badly and realize that your intuition told you, but you didn’t listen? Or on the flip side, your intuition told you to go for something or somebody and you second guessed and talked yourself out of it, just to end up with regret? Ugh … I hear you. I have been there.

Why do so many of us ignore the whispers?

Lack of trust? Yep.

Lack of confidence? For sure.

Lack of self worth? Also, yes.

Perhaps also painful experiences from the past. “Mistake,” experiences that didn’t work out and left us questioning ourselves, feeling ashamed or feeling scared to repeat the painful past.

Or perhaps you grew up in a tumultuous home and/or with addicted parents and never really felt safe and calm enough in your body and nervous system to be able to discern what is true and right for you.

There are so many limiting beliefs that float around in the collective consciousness about decision making. Common conditioning suggests we ‘should’ use logic and reason to make decisions. Or we ‘should’ consult an expert. Or we ‘should’ make a list of pros and cons.

These limiting beliefs and old hurts from the past live in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind governs our nervous system. Stress in the subconscious causes our nervous system to always be in a stress response (aka fight, flight or freeze). This also shows up as anxiety or depression in various degrees.

When the mind is looping and our nervous system and body is in a stress response, we inevitably lose touch with our full body YES / NO with our whispers.

I love helping you to let go of the painful past and rebuild TRUST, CONFIDENCE. SELF WORTH, and BELIEF in yourself by addressing the root causes with subconscious change. The tool I use is called PSYCH-K®, and is a quick, pain-free and completely safe way to reprogram your subconscious and to create lasting change for once and for all.

I also love helping you create a lasting self care practice to regulate your nervous system in your day to day, so you can always hear and follow your whispers.

If you’re ready to stop dimming your light to make decisions easily and with confidence. If you’re ready to start learning how to trust your intuition, you can easily setup a free conversation with me.

And join myself and my business partner Katie Kovaleski in our 7 Day Self Care Challenge to help you kick start your sparkle and glow. You will learn how to take care of your nervous system in simple and fun ways so you can connect to your divine intelligence and TRUST and FOLLOW your whispers and intuition. Find out more about our next challenge here!