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Are you continually challenged in an area of your life and no matter how many books you’ve read, podcasts you’ve listened to, or traditional therapy and coaching methods you’ve tried, you can’t seem to fully move past it?

As a Subconscious & Somatic Integration coach, I help you to get unstuck by supporting you to dive deep and uncover the hidden root causes of your recurring, seemingly unsolvable challenges, pains, and patterns. I guide you as your healing partner in crime to permanently change these patterns to create your ‘F-Yes!’ Life.

Elli Richter Life Coach

Maybe you’re stuck in a loop of:

  • Recurring money issues as an entrepreneur
  • Feeling guilty and ashamed for ‘wanting more’
  • Feeling burned out
  • Stuck in self sabotaging habits
  • Feeling disconnected from your intuition
  • Living life in your head (overthinking/overanalyzing) vs. your heart
  • Tangled up in the same painful relationship patterns
  • Feeling indecisive and struggling to trust yourself
  • Facing sports performance hurdles
  • Battling chronic pain or disease
  • Feeling disconnected from your body, your joy, your pleasure
  • Or grappling with the loneliness that comes from being a high performing leader whose personal life and relationships suffer as a result

Are you continually challenged with your body, and/or your health?

No matter how many doctors you have seen, lifestyles you have tried, supplements you have taken, you cannot seem to feel better in and about your body?

I’m here to be your partner in shifting these patterns for good so you can experience true and lasting freedom in your body and life.

Let me be your best-kept secret, helping you to empower yourself to live your fullest, most balanced and bad ass life through Subconscious & Somatic Integration.


“Working with Elli Richter has been one of the best therapy/coaching experiences I’ve had. I’m the kind of man that has alway been hard on himself and Elli has shown me a more gentle approach to re-write the stories I’ve been telling myself and come up with more empowering narratives and tools to help me live my authentic self, plus the permanent  re-writing of subconscious beliefs helps cement the changes. My awareness and self empowerment has grown exponentially since I started working with her and I do not hesitate to give her my highest recommendation.”

“If you are reading this you must be considering a PSYCH-K® session with Elli, and all I can tell you is DO IT!  I just did one session with Elli, and I can honestly say that nothing I have done up to this point has helped me as much as she did! I have tried traditional therapy, self help books, meditation and everything in between. While those tools were good, my one session with Elli was immediately transforming my limiting beliefs! I woke up the next day to what I truly feel is my new reality! Because of Elli’s supportive and expert guidance, I am at ease for the first time in years and it is incredible!  I cannot thank Elli enough for sharing her gift!”