hi, I'm Elli

Subconscious & Somatic Integration, PSYCH-K® Facilitator

I help you reconnect with your self

Elli Richter - Transformational Life Coach

My name is Elli Richter, and I am a German sparkplug and PSYCH-K® facilitator. I believe that sustainable healing and transformation is always possible, and it is my great honor and joy to support you in that.

I believe in a holistic and integrative approach that addresses change on a mental, emotional, and physical level. My process is based in both science and spirituality. I have spent the last 25+ years acquiring skills, degrees and certifications in:

  • Physiotherapy — BS degree from IWK Braunschweig
  • Health Education BS Degree with a side of Psychology from College of Charleston
  • Ayurveda
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness based Stress reduction
  • Holistic Life Coaching
  • Human Design
  • PSYCH-K®

In my 20 years working with leaders, I’ve seen a common pattern: the belief that giving endlessly makes a great leader. However, this often leads to burnout and disconnection from oneself. Traditional leadership reinforces sacrifice, leaving leaders empty and relationships strained. Similarly, a codependent dynamic arises, where individuals seek external rescue, perpetuating a cycle of burnout.

But there’s a shift happening, and you’re part of it. It’s about embracing conscious leadership—a heart-centered, self-loving approach that fosters interdependence and mutual respect. No longer stuck in the savior-victim loop, we create fulfilling, joyful lives by honoring our boundaries and self-responsibility. My mission is to guide you on this transformative journey, empowering you to lead with love, respect, and true fulfillment.