My Approach

Subconscious & Somatic Integration

Discover a more fulfilling, whole, and balanced life

I co-created Subconscious & Somatic Integration, a unique approach focused on healing deep-rooted issues for good, rather than just applying temporary surface level fixes.

In our sessions, we dive deep to uncover and transform the root causes of your challenges so you can free up all of your precious energy, make new choices, and take inspired action.

Elli Richter - PSYCH-K

About My Approach

I will help you rewire your belief statements, heal past traumas, and set meaningful goals aligned with the ‘F-Yes’ life you desire. My Subconscious & Somatic Integration approach combines the most effective tools to pinpoint your unique gifts and eradicate the deep seated belief systems that hold you back from your fullest expression.

The natural by-product is a more fulfilling, whole, and balanced life.

I’m not just your coach; I’m your dedicated partner in healing, committed to guiding you toward a life of alignment, freedom, and blissful contentment.

What is Subconscious and Somatic Integration?

My 5 Pillars of subconscious and somatic integrative therapy guide transformative change through:

Subconscious Reprogramming

Using PSYCH-K to break trauma loops, unconscious patterns, and up-level your beliefs.


Feeling your feelings fully and learning to meet and express your own needs through self parenting.

Purposeful Understanding

Explore your gifts and purpose via Human Design and The Gene Keys for profound self-awareness.

Intuition Reconnection

Strengthen your intuition to enhance decision-making and self-trust.

Somatics, Nervous System

Utilize somatic practices and nervous system regulation to feel safe and overcome dis-ease and addiction.

Human Design Coach - Elli Richter

Through our time together, you will:

Build a Blissipline:

Cultivate flexible self-care practices supporting lasting well-being.

Close Trauma Loops & Reprogram Limiting Beliefs:

Break free from trauma loops, fears, and codependency patterns.

Master Your Nervous System:

Feel safe, grounded, and free from pain or addiction.

Experience Energetic Alignment:

Understand and channel your energy for personal fulfillment.

Experience Emotional Fulfillment:

Acknowledge and meet your emotional needs fully.

As A Course in Miracles teaches, ‘A miracle is a change in perception.’

Through this approach, you will perceive yourself and the world anew, feeling deeply fulfilled and connected in every aspect of your life.