My Story

A Bit About Elli —

Elli was born and raised in Germany.
(Her human design is 6/3 Splenic Manifestor)

The first thing Elli remembers from her life is hovering over her 1 year old body, her parents by her hospital bed, wearing plastic yellow standard hospital diapers with silver buttons. In the 70s, not every hospital had oxygen tents yet Elli had pneumonia and her mother often told the story of her almost dying then.

As a young child, Elli kept experiencing a lot of physical feedback and health challenges. Stress and generational trauma manifested for her very psycho somatic.

That sparked an interest in self healing, music, and dance as a way to help herself and others early on.

Her father was a pharmacist, botanist, and food chemist, and wanted her to study medicine.

After high school, Elli felt confused and torn between studying music, medicine, or design.

She decided to get a job at an all women’s gym where she fell in love with exercise, supporting women, and embodiment practices.

At 19, she experienced her first “burn out”.
Teaching up to 19 classes a week, training, and going out a few nights a week took a toll. On vacation with her mother, she found herself with her first metaphysical book, reading about the connection between mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

She realized she was carrying generational trauma and unprocessed emotions from her childhood, and that these stresses manifested as physical feedback, including burn outs.

Determined to self heal, and still primed to take the western medical route, she decided to study Physio therapy (an umbrella degree in germany that combines Physio therapy, athletic training, chiropractic, and massage therapy).

She also kept supporting herself by teaching classes and personal training in several gyms, and working for several sports team as a Physio.

This is where she met her partner, and immigrated to the USA at age 23.

When her degree was not transferred, Elli chose to make her side gig of personal training into her full time job.

Conditioned to value academics as ‘most legitimate’, she went back to school at the college of Charleston for health education with a side of psychology.

During those years, she discovered Yoga, and started working with a spiritual mentor, based on ‘a course in miracles’, and discovered that her life purpose is to help others to empower themselves.

She completed her yoga teacher training and graduated with honors in 2007, followed by Ayurveda training and life coaching certificate.

She began coaching people all over the world, using mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, energy medicine, journaling, visualizing, holistic psychology, and other conscious tools to help herself and others.

In 2013, her 12,5 year marriage abruptly ended; divorce was followed by her father’s death and a few other stressful events that sparked a quest for better tools to support grief and spiritual awakenings.

Exhausted and overfunctioning, Elli started to study the subconscious mind, sound healing, and neuroscience.

She discovered the work by Dr. Bruce Lipton, and was first lead to PSYCH-K in 2016.

“Too good to be true” she thought, matching the subconscious programming she had been taught that “really legitimate things have to be hard and complicated”.

She was introduced to human design right around that time, which completely transformed the way she operated and perceived things.

In 2018, in a moment of frustration about the lack of efficiency of conscious tools when it came to subconscious issues like trauma and limiting beliefs, she rediscovered PSYCH-K.

She decided to become a facilitator and integrated subconscious change with herself and her clients right away, finally witnessing the miracles she new we all can cocreate.

She has been facilitating thousands of sessions with magical people like you all over the world and living her best life.

Integrating subconscious change was a big missing piece for Elli, as a lot of her challenges were generational trauma, childhood trauma, and negative self talk that no amount of meditation, affirmation, or plant medicine could really reprogram.