hear what my clients have to say

My work is about YOU.

My life purpose is to help others make peace with the past, live joyfully in the present, and take action on the future. Listen to what some of my clients have to say about working with me:


“As a coach, I understand the value in working with someone to achieve your objectives. I also believe that every good coach has a coach. When Elli came into my life, I was looking for a solution to what seemed like “life-long” blocks of my own. What I didn’t know I needed was a subconscious rewiring to remove the old and reshape the new. Elli is compassionate, inspiring and willing to hold the mirror up to your face. If you’ve been searching and can’t seem to find what you’re looking for…I recommend working with Elli. She may have the key to unlock the door to the life you deserve.”

“Working with Elli Richter has been one of the best therapy/coaching experiences I’ve had. I’m the kind of man that has alway been hard on himself and Elli has shown me a more gentle approach to re-write the stories I’ve been telling myself and come up with more empowering narratives and tools to help me live my authentic self, plus the permanent  re-writing of subconscious beliefs helps cement the changes. My awareness and self empowerment has grown exponentially since I started working with her and I do not hesitate to give her my highest recommendation.”   — Jerry R.

“If you are reading this you must be considering a PSYCH-K® session with Elli, and all I can tell you is DO IT!  I just did one session with Elli, and I can honestly say that nothing I have done up to this point has helped me as much as she did! I have tried traditional therapy, self help books, meditation and everything in between. While those tools were good, my one session with Elli was immediately transforming my limiting beliefs! I woke up the next day to what I truly feel is my new reality! Because of Elli’s supportive and expert guidance, I am at ease for the first time in years and it is incredible!  I cannot thank Elli enough for sharing her gift!”

“My time in group with Elli and Katie is so magical. I began this journey a shell of the person I am now. Through my work in group, I’ve experienced so much wonderful growth. I feel like a butterfly that has final emerged from the darkness. I’m ready to spread my wings and experience all the world has to offer. My anxiety has completely vanished. I attribute this to Psych-K and the wonderful tools I’ve added to my toolbox along the way. My time with Elli, Katie, and the wonderful connections I’ve made with my group members has transformed my life. I am forever grateful.”

“My experience with Elli was beyond life changing & I cannot recommend PSYCH-K® enough! 

Elli helped me unlock and remove many blocks with my heart breaking grief of losing my brother, in my dating life, the fitness old beliefs I carried and around creating my new business. I feel so much lighter & free from my old self!

Elli you are such a beautiful person and I will be forever grateful you crossed my path! I cannot thank you enough x 💗”

“Before working with Elli, I felt stuck, confused and unclear about where I was headed in my life and business. I was unclear because I was still holding onto old programs around what I thought I should do versus what I knew I truly wanted to focus on in life and business. Having worked with Elli both in groups and one-on-one before, I immediately booked a session with her. Elli has a unique gift to pick you up where you are and activate and initiate the potential within you that is lying dormant. I knew her ability to hold space, see me with love and compassion and also give me a dose of her sweet truth serum was just what I needed during this time of transition. Working together we discovered my nervous system was still super dysregulated, I wasn’t connected to and honoring my needs and feelings and I was people pleasing right and left. Elli shone a light on this area of my life and helped me work through the beliefs that were holding me back from actually taking care of myself. She also helped me realize that I couldn’t gain clarity until I was grounded in my body and able to connect to my emotions. These previous patterns of not taking care of myself before working with her kept me in loops of codependency which resulted in a disconnection of my wants in life and business. No wonder I was frustrated and stuck!

After helping me focus on integrating and embodying nervous system regulation, we were able to move onto gaining clarity. We then worked on tapping into, honoring and acknowledging my feelings and then deconditioning the beliefs that were holding me back specifically around relationships and business. This was key in starting to break free from the chains of codependency in my life. I’ve acquired so many subtle and massive shifts as a result of my work with Elli. But the biggest effect of all of this work has been now feeling a sense of peace, calm, clarity and decisiveness when it comes to my relationships and business. Specifically my relationship to myself has shifted big time. I now focus on making sure my needs are taken care of first which has connected me deeply to my intuition and what and who shows up as a 100% hell yes for me in my life. This shift in my relationship with myself extends outwards now to all relationships – my partnership, business, with my children and attracting kickass girlfriends in my life. I’m still learning, but for the first time in a while instead of feeling rushed and like I need to fix myself and heal from a place of judgment, I’m now able to meet myself with the same patience and loving compassion as Elli did during our sessions. What an empowering gift! 

If you’re feeling lost, stuck, confused, overwhelmed or anxious in your life, career/business, relationships, and even finances I would strongly recommend working with Elli. If you’re someone who’s been doing self-development work for quite some time but still feel like there’s a missing piece of the puzzle and like change shouldn’t be this hard, work with Elli! If you’re someone who is curious about your unique ‘blueprint’ for how you operate in the world and how to actually live that out Elli combines her vast knowledge of human design and subconscious integration to help you decondition the beliefs holding you back from living that life. Elli will help facilitate massive growth and shifts within you if you’re someone who is super open, curious and willing to do the “push-ups” that are required from your work together. I thought coming into working with Elli I was just going to gain clarity around my business and what I wanted to do. What has come out of working together is that she has helped me step more fully and deeper into my life and leadership. So if you’re someone who’s looking to step into your own or expand to the next level of leadership whatever that looks like for you, do yourself a favor and book a session with Elli yesterday. ;)”

“Working with Elli has been an absolute life changer. I was at a breaking point in my own self-constructed state of suffering. Elli picked me up where she found me, dusted me off, walked me over to a mirror, and taught me how to actually look at my reflection. Her conscious, space-holding, authentic badass self coupled with her knowledge and subconscious integration gave me the gentle pivot I needed to heal myself.

I am an entirely different person than I was 3 months ago, and absolutely more myself than I have ever been in my life.  I completely changed how I show up for myself, and therefore how I show up in the world. I see and honor and love the soul reflected back to me in the mirror now.  My relationships, my work, the way I eat, move, rest, live day to day…everything is so much more aligned (bye bye toxic programming). I feel more joyful and abundant than ever and live in a state of ease that previously seemed inaccessible (and when I lose that ease I am now able to give myself love and space until it returns). I wake up every day with genuine excitement because I get to watch my true self unfold and finally feel I am walking my own path.”

“Wow! I had my first session today and In just an hour so much has changed. I was super nervous and not sure what to expect or if it would actually work haha- Elli immediately put me at ease and within our first exercise I already felt a shift. She makes you feel safe and empowered to do the work- and with Psych-k it’s so much easier than anything I’ve done before. Feelings I’ve held onto for years dissipated after just one session. I can’t wait to see where more sessions go!   💕”

“I’ve spent over a decade of my life in therapy, self-help, and my exploration into spirituality. All of these things really helped me dig out from the trenches I believed myself to have made. They helped me deal with the world on the world’s terms and taught me how to be that picture society would accept. I grew personally and professionally in leaps and bounds!!

Each time though, I felt the pull of something inside and never seemed to be fully free, it had simply been made manageable. 

Then I met Elli

In his book The Easy Way to Stop Smoking, Allen Carr poses the question, “What is the difference between a smoker and a non-smoker?” 

The answer is a non-smoker does not think about smoking.

This is the best analogy to describe my transformation working with Elli

The deep seeded struggles that had been made manageable no longer exist. 

The constant spinning wheels of what I should and should not be doing and the constant criticism I had for myself have been turned off. Even more, the incessant daily nagging of my paralyzing anxiety disorder has dissipated. In fact, I no longer have anxiety.

Left in the spot these once filled is the ability to meet myself on my own terms and for the first time in my life I can finally show myself the grace, patience, acceptance, and love that I had displayed to so many but yearned for myself.”

“In the past when I’ve had to do OBGYN type things I’d be sobbing before I even got in the door and the whole experience would be painful and stressful. Yesterday, I felt empowered, I kept up the mantra that “I trust my body” and the procedure didn’t got well it took them like 1 1/2 hours to do something that was supposed to take 15 min but I was calm the whole time <3″

“Ellie – I have been in therapy and working on myself and nothing has been as effective or as deep as PSYCH-K®.

I was having such a hard time moving past the trauma stored in my body (I could think differently, but my body was keeping score) but PSYCH-K® has rewired my brain and body, it’s wild.

I’m so much nicer to myself now, without having to try. I’ve become friends with my Ego and my nervous system has reset. I’m not in fight/flight anymore.

Thank you so much!”

“It’s been two weeks since my first PSYCH-K® session, and I am wide-eyed amazed at how much lighter I feel as if I just dropped a ton of emotional bricks that I didn’t even know I was carrying. My creativity is through the roof and I just want to tell everyone how healing this work is, so much so that I am planning on hosting a basic training soon in Vail, CO! I have not only experienced release in my own mind and body, but also have witnessed shifts in my son and dog after they had a session with PSYCH-K® facilitator, Elli Ritcher. Elli’s ability to hold space for your own inner wisdom to come through is absolutely magic! She skillfully listens, guides and encourages you every step of the way. A beam of light that shares the work on you and gets out of the way for YOU to SHINE!”

“I support talk therapy, self-care, etc and still engage in those activities, though it’s through PSYCH-K® and the subconscious change that I truly notice a difference.  It’s almost indescribable to explain what happens in the PSYCH-K® process and it’s a noticeable shift in my everyday life.  Limiting beliefs and thoughts in those areas are no longer there, like a subtle change that you don’t even realize isn’t an “issue” anymore.  

I also am forever grateful to learn, practice and understand that all feelings and answers are in the body.  The tools and techniques taught by Katie and Elli have improved my day-to-day living, living more in alignment with my higher self and the person I want to be/feel in all moments.  And when life happens, as it will, and someone says something that I’m unhappy with – I have the tools and knowledge on what to do instead of spiraling downward.   I also know if spiraling downward (overthinking of the situation, playing it out in my head, etc) then I know I have a place for subconscious change.  

It takes courage to join the first class and if you can come with an open mind, I predict you’ll also be surprised all you can uncover and help any limiting belief.  <3″

“EMPOWERING!  That is how I would describe Eli and Katie’s Codependency Group!!

During the course of this group, I learned effective ways to communicate, recognized my codependency behavioral patterns and the roles I play(ed) in various relationships, and how stepping into a place of alignment with my intuition makes space for me to be a creator.  

The tools that Elli and Katie taught us were so valuable.  I found them easy to integrate into my daily life.  I am better equipped to make choices that align with my needs/wants; I am able to feel the answers in my body!  The expanded self-awareness I walked away with is priceless and powerful.”

“I was propelled into therapy because of compounding traumatic experience with an individual in my life. This was the start of a three year journey which ultimately (and divinely) lead me to Elli and PSYCH-K®. 

After my first few months of therapy I read all the things, listened to all the podcasts, listened to countless audio books and explored attachment style theory, enneagram numbers, couples counseling and even changed therapists. I enrolled in a crushing codependency course, started a mindfulness practice, used the Switch app and started yoga. I downloaded the moon calendar, various meditation apps, did a daily gratitude journal and enrolled in a 21 day nervous system tune up. I was filled with knowledge about why I was the way I was and why others were the way they were but I was still left feeling frequently triggered and often sent into an emotional spiral that I didn’t know how to handle. 

I was overwhelmed, hopeless, disappointed and VERY aware of it. Then, I was asked to “prioritize getting over” my issues with this person by my husband so we could partake in vacations with them again. You can imagine how that went over…

A few weeks later I had a thought that I needed to get online and find a new therapist. I knew there had to be a way to heal and feel better. Just as that thought exited my consciousness, I turned on a podcast where Elli was a guest. She was explaining PSYCH-K®, and I was astonished that I had never heard of it before. After all, I listed to/read/did all the things… or so I thought. 

The episode wasn’t half way over when I thought, “this is the missing puzzle piece!! I need to head my subconscious!!” 

I immediately parked my car, whipped out my phone, went to Elli’s website and submitted a contact form. A week later we were on a discovery call to see if this would be a good fit and we scheduled our first session. 

I didn’t know what to expect out of that first session, but we started with the initial trauma which is what sent me into therapy in the first place. Then, just like magic, Elli intuitively and precisely narrowed in on my trauma and feelings. It turns out that I had never actually processed it and I was stuck in a trauma loop. I was continuing to be triggered and was in a hyper state of stress. She guided me through a balance and held space for me to process the initial incident. It was hard but It. Was. Life. Changing! 

Soon after our first session I had an encounter with the person of note but there was a shift inside of me. I no longer felt angry, sad, disappointed and ashamed. I felt unattached! Like a miracle, I was conscious of how I would have perceived that interaction just a week prior and noticed how at peace I felt. This was worth all the money in the world! 

Since then, Elli has helped me understand what’s happening in my body and connect to my body intelligence (aka body scan), identify my feelings, uncover many limiting beliefs, craft new ones, heal my subconscious patterns and has taught me how to identify and meet my own needs. 

Because of her I’d like to think I am on the road to recovery from limiting beliefs and codependency! 

She has a remarkable and intuitive gift of identifying underlying limiting beliefs and working with her not only allowed me to heal past trauma but it empowered me to rewrite new beliefs that were in alignment with my conscious knowing and highest good. 

Elli is pure magic and everyone should be as lucky to find her!”

“Working with Elli helped me to find joy, comfort and self-acceptance in the transitional space that I am in without changing anything outside of myself. As a 24 year old trying to find purpose in my career, I often feel frustrated because I am not seeing success as quickly as I would like to. Through PSYCH-K®, Elli helped me to rewire my belief that I have to be clear on my life purpose and release the pressure I was placing myself and time. I found self-acceptance in space that I am in with an attitude of confidence and peace.”

“When I started PSYCH-K® with Elli I was ready for a change and felt stuck in the lows. I tried traditional talk therapy a couple different times but didn’t ever feel like I was making progress. Never did I imagine the depths of the shifts I would experience over the next 5 sessions. We started with “anxious” and “depressed” feelings which I learned were caused by past traumas and subconscious beliefs built on experiences. After one single session I felt a profound shift in the way I held my memory of my dad’s death. I felt the freedom from 8+ years of emotional stress melt away. Using valuable tools to pair with the new belief statements I created, I’ve come to a place of clarity, creativity, and happiness that I didn’t know was possible for me. With this freedom from clearing major blocks, I have been able to craft and take action towards the path I feel truly aligned with. Through PSYCH-K® I have embraced life changes, found a professional path I’m passionate about, built a strong loving relationship for myself, and feel overall more at peace. I could not be more grateful for the work of PSYCH-K® with Elli.”

“PSYCH-K® gave me the opportunity to be vulnerable and dig dig dig until we hit the gold.  It’s been two days since my session with Elli and I feel LIGHT.  Immediately after my session I felt relieved, as if I could finally breathe again.  Our belief systems are powerful and I’m so grateful for Elli for her help in resetting mine.”

“I had been struggling with negative self talk, depression, and anxiety for years despite talk therapy, self help books etc. PSYCH-K® has given me the ability to rewire/decondition the self limiting beliefs that have been with me my whole life. I’ve never felt so free and light in my own mind – it’s been a truly life changing experience for me!”


“As a therapist and coach with over a decade of experience, take it from me when I say there is NOTHING else like PSYCH-K®! I have witnessed belief systems that I have been consciously working on for years change within just minutes. It is truly an amazing technique and I can’t recommend it enough!”

“As a coach and someone who’s spent 20 years doing internal work on myself; I am blown away by how effective and easy PSYCH-K® is. I’m over spending time analyzing things to death. PSYCH-K® helped me upgrade long held beliefs in the matter of minutes. Elli’s has made this transformative tool and process so approachable and fun!”

“My sweet Elli!!! 
I have been working with Elli since September and have learned SO much about myself through her life coaching.

We have worked together using Human Design and more recently started incorporating PSYCH-K® into my sessions. One of my favorite things to hear: “How do you wanna celebrate?!!!!” (*cue the instant smile*), which indicates that we’ve balanced something in my subconscious that had formed a block.

PSYCH-K® has been particularly incredible for me because I am already a huge believer in things like “mind over matter” and the law of attraction. I know that if I put my mind to something I will make it happen (especially as a manifestor). BUT no matter how many affirmations I write down or recite to myself there are still blocks in my subconscious that need to be balanced/cleared. I am only able to live those affirmations I am telling myself if we clear the blocks via PSYCH-K®. Those blocks form from conditioning and even with my strong mind and willpower there is no tricking the subconscious. BUT once we have balanced I am then able to move forward.

Convincing yourself of something takes time and doesn’t hit the root of the problem. Positive affirmations have their place in life and I continue to utilize them where appropriate. However, to make strides in your life you must realize that your subconscious is holding on to years and years of conditioning, whether you want to believe it or not! So PSYCH-K® goes straight to the source and immediately resets so that there is a smooth connection between your subconscious and your brain- there’s no longer a need to convince yourself of something.

What I love most about psych k is that it is not static: there’s no “why did I need to balance that” or “why did that come up” or what should I do now? It really doesn’t matter. Something along your life journey created that block in your subconscious. Now it’s cleared. Now you can move forward.