Ready to FALL into love, abundance, and well being?

I work with a wide variety of clients, and on growing edges across all boards. I coach other Coaches, Healers, Doctors, and Therapists, couples, Yoga teachers, Business owners, Teams, and groups. My job is not to tell you what you should do, or to push beliefs onto you that are not authentic to you. My job is to help you get in touch with your inner wise wo(man), feel, deal, heal, and offer you powerful and appropriate tools, and help you to claim yourself in charge. I enjoy meeting you where you are, and taking you to where you want to be (or if you don’t know what you want, getting clear on that, wink wink).

Whatever your situation may be, I likely have a program that suits your needs, and if not, I can recommend somebody that can assist you.

Please feel free to email me for a free Consultation to find out more by emailing [email protected]



This program is for those of you who desire better Boundaries, want to learn to say no, and be more balanced in your mood and energy levels.

It is perfect for Empathetic people, Teachers, Coaches, Therapists, Introverts, Yoga teachers, Health Care Pros, Doctors, Nurses, Acupuncturists, and anyone who finds themselves being easily affected by environments and people.

Learn to cleanse and manage your Energy on a daily basis. Learn to take back your power, and to create protective, yet still compassionate Boundaries to you can be in this world with Ease and Confidence. Especially if you deal with people who are experiencing difficult times, are a care taker of any kind, it can be hard to maintain a joyful and health Self, aka domain.

Includes One on One live Sessions, Worksheets, recordings, and guided Meditations for daily use. Get a customized plan that suits your personality and lifestyle.



A 90 minute POW-WOW Strategy Session. Perfect for those of you want quick traction and clarity on a specific growing edge. This is for you if you have a situation in your work, relationships, or career that you can’t seem to grow past, let go, or transform into inspired Action. We shall zoom out, connect dots, shift perspective, and come up with a game plan that you feel confident about.



..and no, not what you think, but to make you giggle. If things feel way to serious, and you have not felt your sparkly Self, this is for you.

Gratitude. Growth. Gift. Game changers.

This is a crash course in lifting your spirits, healing old wounds, and learning to make self care your new default.

It is for you if you been struggling to feel grateful, if you been feeling unworthy and have forgotten your unique Gift, if you wish to grow past old programming, and if you are ready to take simple, yet game changing steps to rise above your current Challenges.

Available as 1, 3, or 6 month program.



This three month program is perfect for those of you who have been feeling bogged down, stressed, overwhelmed, and uninspired, depressed, or anxious for a while, and want support and gentle accountability while upward spiraling again.

Together, we take small, easy, and healing steps towards Happiness, Vitality, and Success by cleansing your mind of old programming, your soul of old hurts, and your body of toxins.

Available as 3 and 6 months only.



(I am especially exited about this one)

This is for you if you are a female Coach, Entrepreneur, Therapist, Speaker, Influencer, Mover and Shaker, and are ready to soften the grip and lead for a more vulnerable, authentic, empowered, and passionately confident place. Many of us women use masculine Energy to get sh*t done, only to find ourselves exhausted, resentful, and alone.

Learn to get really grounded, to bring more vulnerability to your content and audience, to create a network of support around you, and to lead in a way that feels connected, supported, and easy.

Available as 1, 3, 6 month Version.


DATE YOURSELF: aka learn to love yourself unconditionally

Upgraded version.

This one is for you if you are separated, divorced, or experiencing a break up, and want support making choices you can feel proud of in a year from now. This program is all about self care and repairing self worth and self esteem. Very dear to me, I love helping men and women discover the thought patterns that create relationships that don’t work, break through codependent or sabotaging habits, and most importantly, heal the broken heart.

Learn to upgrade your self worth, your daily self care, and the way you date, so that you can feel the way you want to feel, alone and together.

Available as 3, and 6 month version.