A lot of times, certain themes repeat for every client during a week, and that always feels worthy of mentioning for all of us. As we’re all navigating balance and change, I’m reminded of three steps for making a change: AAA. Awareness, Acceptance and Adjustment.


Awareness is where it starts. Noticing “Oh crap this is a pattern!”


“Oh wow! My feelings are a direct result of my belief or thoughts.”


“Oh wow! This is actually conditioning, and I don’t have to do what I thought I ‘should.’ I can CHOOSE!”

Whatever AWARENESS might arise, it’s the first step to making a change.


Before changing things we become aware of, we must accept them. Accept how your body feels. Accept this moment and everything in it fully. Accept your life as it is right now.

The opposite of that is living in resistance to reality. That causes great suffering. And it’s exhausting. And it does not actually change anything, it only adds more pain.

Acceptance is a necessary part of any journey and is not giving up or agreeing to shitty situations.

It’s about releasing resistance to what is.

When we do, we can pivot towards appreciating and finding love-based solutions.


When we become aware and accept, the last phase is adjusting things, aka changing it. This is where we co-create. We don’t live in a vacuum, and you don’t have to do it all alone. The universe provides.

It begins with getting clear on what you want, instead of whatever you become aware of and have accepted.

Wherever you are, don’t skip the acceptance part.

With subconscious reprogramming (like PSYCH-K®), you can balance for new beliefs within seconds to minutes, so the accepting isn’t just a nice idea or something to struggle for, but an EMBODIED new PROGRAM in your mind. Your new normal.

“I accept myself exactly as I am.”

“I accept all my emotions as part of my healing journey and life.”

“I accept ____________ (name of person) as they are.”

Spiritual concepts remain nice ideas and reminders when they are not integrated at the level of BELIEF. Spiritual bypassing happens when the concepts live only in the conscious mind, and when the subconscious mind is still conditioned in fear, lack, resistance and separation.

With PSYCH-K®, you can change your subconscious beliefs to embody how you want to feel instead. That’s the beauty of subconscious work: you can balance for what you know want.

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