Nothing seems to manifest the way you intend to?

Are you feeling like every day seems like you are climbing a mountain, that things don’t seem to come easy like they do for others, or that you just don’t seem to have any energy, no matter what you try?

I had my first “Burn out” when I was 19, and was basically running an all women’s gym. I was working the desk, teaching up to 19 classes a week, doing office stuff, and personal training/nutrition coaching, all while dealing with the tail end of puberty, dating, and figuring out what to do with my life.

It was during a vacation to Lanzerote with my mom that I discovered my first metaphysical book on disease, and little did I know then how much it would shape my path. Now, 21 years later, I am writing to you about what also contributed to my burn out, what makes lots of people feel stuck, especially those of you that are energetically sensitive.

By that I mean, if you are empathetic, if you are easily affected by your surroundings, if you experience mood and energy changes depending on whom you are with, if you would consider yourself “sensitive”, perhaps even judge yourself as “too sensitive”. Being energetically sensitive is a beautiful thing. And I choose to believe that, as I am as well. Wink wink.

It can however, when not understood, and managed, be a, uhm, shitshow. (Please forgive my french, but it truly can feel awful when an energetically sensitive person does not have the understanding and tools to harness that gift).

I have worked with more people than I can count with symptoms ranging from Depression, Anxiety,  OCD, chronic pain, digestive issue, headaches, sleeping issues, insecurity, creative blocks, relationship issues, all the way to finances and severe career blocks, and in all those cases it made a tremendous difference when we applied Energy Medicine.

From the moment I read that book all these years ago, to actually applying the methods and tools in my own life, let’s just say I had a lot of resistance and it took a while for me to actually do it.

Now cleansing my energy, and protecting my energy has become a default.

The reason you might feel stuck, tired, sick, or like nothing seems to happen for you in your work; other people’s demands, needs, expectations might have created a so called energy cord that is draining you. You may have heard the term “Energy Vampire”. That.

Secondly, even if you do “cleanse” your energy with Sage, Palo Santo, or other powerful rituals, you may not actually protect it, and these cleansing techniques make it worse; you are now a wide open field for anyone’s stuff to easily latch onto you, good and bad.

Cleansing, Managing, and Mastering our Domain is necessary for us all, especially those of you that are sensitive, work in Medicine, Health care, Holistic practices, or are Yoga teachers.

That is why I have created a course called “Master your Domain”. It is short, sweet, affordable, and to the point.

It includes one on one sessions with me, guided Visualizations and Meditations, and a customized plan of action to help you have Boundaries that are healthy, still compassionate, true to yourself, and firm enough to keep the bad stuff OUT. Feel yourself flow with Ease and Confidence again, feel like YOUrself.

If you like to find out more, or are ready to sign up, please feel free to email me to [email protected]

Much love, Elli