Hi love.

This is a question I ask all of my clients, no matter what topic (health, career, relationships) we are exploring, and it always leads to instant JOY and FREEDOM.

This is especially for you if you often find yourself doing things out of guilt, obligation, or because you think you “should” be doing it.

I love to do this every 6 month or so, and invite you to put this in your tool box and whip out when needed.

So, let’s grab pen and paper, and take a few deep breaths.

Wave the magic wand…
Imagine that you live in your perfect world.
Anything and everything is possible.
You have all the time in the world.
You have all the resources and abilities.

Already feeling pretty spectacular, right?

Now here is the game changing question:


What does your IDEAL DAY look and feel like?


Get as detailed as possible, writing in present tense.
Paint a colorful, and really true-to-you picture. Don’t stress if you do not know what your job title would be, or if you are having kids or not. Describe what kind of things you would like to be doing based on what you know now, and how you feel.

Some more questions to get you started..
– When would you prefer to get up? Alarm, no alarm? How do you feel?
– What would you like to do next? Delicious organic breakfast with your honey? Yoga? Meditate? Write? Watch a movie? Read? What is your experience like?
– What kind of clothes are you wearing? How do you feel about your body?
– When do you start working? Do you walk, bike, or drive? Are you inside, or outside? Are you working alone or with people?
– When would you like to move your body, and how?
…I hope you get the idea.
Please include all your favorite yummy feelings, and remember that anything goes.

So what if you ideal day right now looks like hanging in your PJs, drinking wine at 10am, and reading books all day? Or if you just want to sit and chat with people? Btw, that is what Oprah once said, and look at what she has created…
It is yours to cook up.

THE ACTION STEP for this week: Go ahead and live out as much of your ideal day as possible. And if you feel lead to, please share with me.

Hopefully, you experienced an AHA or two.

I had a client once who forced herself to work out at 6am. She wanted to lose weight, and believed the thought that she would not get it done in the afternoon. After asking herself what her ideal day would look and feel like, she realized that she much rather hang out with her hubby, drink coffee, read a book before taking on the day. She switched to midday workouts, lost weight, feels loved and connected in her marriage, and has since lived more and more ideal days.

Now, your turn. Have a blast, and watch your happiness grow.
Mwuuuuah, your Elli