New moon alchemy: the power of intention.



Time to plant new seeds and ride the positive waves each new moon is bringing.

We often live life unintentionally in one or more areas.

Ups! I didn’t mean to do that?!

To create a downstream and joy filled life, it’s very effective to set two week intentions in correlation with the cycles of the moon.

New intentions every new moon.

Letting go rituals every full moon.

To really take action, here is a suggestion of how to set intentions. Feel free to put your own spin on it.

Definitely make it fun! I love setting intentions with my girlfriends for example.

  1. Get quiet. Whatever you like to do to center yourself. Try breathing, meditation, time in nature.


  1. Write down what you really want and why, or look at your long term vision of you already have one. What would you do if you were not scared? What would you do if you were unattached to anything and anyone? What would you do if you were unattached to what or who you think you need, and unattached to the past?


  1. Chop it down to the next available simple action step or affirmation. If it is not an action that is needed, but an inner attitude shift, use powerful sentences that start with I AM to support you from within.

    Examples: I am meditating every morning for 5 minutes (action)
    I am using my energy to heal and to transform (power thought)


  1. Do that for each main area of life (or the ones that you feel called to focus on):
    Greater mission


  1. Hang it up somewhere you can see it every day. The simpler, the better. One choice.

    Devote yourself to it.


  1. Apply massive amounts of compassion and parent yourself through the times that old stuff pops up. Give up the attachment to needing to control when and how things manifest and TRUST the process.


Love, E