Like a tree, it’s our nature to grow and contribute.
We all have a heart song.
And it’s our life’s purpose to feel so good doing what lights us up and comes easy, and vibrate so high that we inspire others to do the same.


Imagine feeling so good and living fully true to you.
Imagine feeling loved, connected, accepted and free in your body, relationships, and career.
Imagine what an impact that has on your life, that of your family, and that of everyone you come into contact with…

That’s what life by design is all about.

Without direction, most of us stay focused on what we don’t want, what’s not working, and project the painful past into a worrisome future, aka life by default.

And that’s why setting intentions is so powerful.

In my experience as a coach and healer for the last 20 years, those of us who live intentionally are happier, healthier, and more successful all around AND uplift everyone around.
And lord knows, the world needs more of us in good vibrations!

Let’s do this!

Get into your heart

The lower self, the ego, likes to set goals based on bullshit rules it has been programmed to believe. Something we think we should be doing.
Most of us know what it’s like to reach a goal and feel nothing. Those goals were set by the ego, and not by the heart.
Or we set goals to fill a void, or from a place of pain.

Getting into the heart means releasing all mental resistance and aligning with source energy.

It’s about getting present and into a state of gratitude.

Here are a few suggestions of how you can get into your heart before sitting down to write your intentions.

● Meditate
● Pray for light to enter your heart
● Dance
● Get outside
● Make a list of things you feel grateful for
● Move in your favorite way
● Talk to one of your high vibes friends
● Watch something uper inspiring
● Yoga, especially kundalini Yoga
● Listen to really uplifting music

This is super key before taking the next steps. Feel open and lit up before setting Intentions.

Once you truly feel expanded..go on

What do you want to experience?

Once you are fully in your heart, ideas and desires are going to rush in.
The key here is that we no longer come from the ego mind of thinking once I have or do this, then I ll be happy, but the other way around:
I feel so good, and feel inspired to do _______ and experience ________.

Feel it, see it, write it.

Please use present tense, and notice your body feeling excited and energized. That’s your intuition telling you YES YES YES.

Some things may sound good, but if they do not excite you or feel like a YES YES YES in your body, they are not for you right now.

What do you want to create, contribute, and give?

Besides experiencing life fully, it’s in our nature to want to contribute and create.

If it sounds fun and exciting, do that.

Stifled creativity often shows up as self sabotage.
I have worked with 100s of women who healed eating and weight issues, depression and anxiety, lack of fulfillment in career, or disconnect in relationships by unleashing their creativity.

And creative expression can be anything. The ego might now say that you are not creative.

Think again.

Creativity is your birthright.

Anything that you could do all day and never get tired of, that’s where your creative expression lies.

And sharing that with others, using that gift in ways that it helps or inspires or teaches others…fyeah!

What would really bring you joy giving to others?

Where do you want to grow?

This is where lots of our typical goals or New Year’s resolutions are made around.
Overcoming those habits that feel like crap, that feed the fears, that hold us back from singing and sharing that heart song.

Basically, how much happiness and abundance can we tolerate?

How can we be so authentically ourselves that we lean into what we desire?

How can we raise our vibrations so we are an energetic match to what we desire?

You know that like attracts like.
Meeting our soul mate or landing that job, or healthy body ain’t going to happen when we feel unworthy, not enough, or depressed.

Be mindful to stay in your heart and observe yourself vs your ego judging and criticizing you.

Yes, to vibrate high, to feel like you are going downstream and feeling the way you want to feel, we got to let go of the thoughts and actions that keep us in a low vibration.

Once you have identified your growing edges, desires, and passion projects, how can you make this a daily practice and still have time for everything else?

Create three fun and easy rituals

Morning, noon, and night.
Live your intentions.

To manifest and attract more of what we really want, we shall feel as though it’s already here.

So many people misunderstand the law of attraction and then give up and never try again.

To attract true love, we shall be a vibrational match.
To manifest abundance, we shall feel abundant now.

This is where we can open the tool box:
Vision boards
Gratitude journals

Repeatedly connecting to source and our desires takes focus.

These rituals are non-negotiable.

This is where discipline is actually perfectly spend:
Discipline yourself to feel well now.

We create a good future by creating a good presence.

We feel well when we are focusing on living our desires.

A few things to keep in mind:
● If not this, then something better. Perhaps you have a specific person or outcome in mind. The universe always has our back, and sometimes what we think we want and what’s best for us are two different things.
● Stay open and unattached. When and how things come to us is none of our business. That’s the universe’s business. What we CAN do is direct our thoughts, words, and actions towards the NOW and see gratitude for everything.

Now, if you recently underwent a big change and don’t even know what you want, what you feel passionate about, or even worse, have lost all hope, I get it.
Especially now, this process is so important.

Pick yourself up where you are.

I have used this process to navigate though some of the hardest times in my life.

Suddenly, everything that didn’t work out, or felt super painful at the time…made sense and was perfect just as it was.

Yes, it took tears and total discomfort.
And that contrast of this is NOT what I want is super helpful.

Thank you for this contrast. Now I know more clearly what I DO want.

Wishing you the best year yet, and always happy to support your desires.

I am a vibrational being, worthy of all my desires.
And as I lean into bliss, I inspire others to do the same.