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Girl Power: what does that REALLY mean?

Over a cup of tea…this came to me…

I been teaching empowerment and self love for over a decade now, and there is no one way to embody the divine feminine that we all “should” follow.

Simple Definition of empower : to give power to (someone)
In this case, to take back one’s own power.
The responsibility for our own happiness, and the conditions of our life.

To claim the co-creation of our reality; that we really can change ourselves, our perspectives, our perceptions, our habits…
and create a life by design.

The courage to be ourselves;
Knowing that true strength is vulnerability.

And to do so in ways that feel goooooood….
Just like a little black dress, or a favorite pair of jeans, not one size or one style makes everyone happy.

It is not about power over others, man-hating…or others at all;
it’s about power in the self; self reliance.

And to rely on the self means something different for everyone.

There is a place for every single one of us, and each one of us has her own unique way of delivering the message and inspiring each other just by being ourselves.

After all, it is about the message, and not the messenger(s).

To each their own. Yet another beautiful thing that comes with a deep sense of self; taking what works, leaving the rest be.

For some of us, it is empowering to post naked pictures online as an act of sexual empowerment.

For others, it is empowering to do the opposite.

Neither one is right or wrong. The healed mind is not interested in judging or evaluating.

We either like something or we don’t.
Owning our preferences without needing to put others down-empowerment.

Because with empowerment-you cannot F it up.
It is about choice-consequences.

About doing what lights you up and what comes out when you tune in.

No matter if you are into powerlifting or ballet barre girly girl, a vegan or a Paleo woman, an all-natural or fan of plastic surgery, the biggest gift of empowerment is simply owning who you are and what you like, and let others do the same.

No matter if you like to follow or work for somebody else, or if you like to lead/be your own boss-neither makes you less or empowered.

Knowing how to show up for yourself does.
Trusting your intuition vs the good opinion of the world does.
Doing what YOU love and feel led to do does.
Having the courage to be yourself and show up fully as such, that is empowerment.
Being in alignment with your truth-that’s IT.

It does not have to be pink.
It does not have to have hearts and butterflies.

It can be quiet, it can be loud.

It’s always dynamic, and when we truly dial into our center, we find that it does not even have to be defined.

It just is.

Energy, vibrancy, a dance with source energy.

The divine feminine is a mysterious and powerful force, and comes through each of us in its own unique way.

One thing is certain though; it is not rigid.
It is not hard. It is not exclusive.
It is not extremes.

It’s fluid, receptive, and magnetic.

Sensual, creative, ever growing towards the light.

So let’s get still and get to know that magnificent and wild being that we really are.

Let your soul dangle and your intuition speak.

Spread courage, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, unconditional love, and magical powers wherever you go.

Take care of your precious self, so you can inspire others to do the same.

The world needs all of us fully awake, present, and ready to serve the highest good in our own unique ways.

Cheers to being an empowered woman.
Alone we can get very far.
Together, we are unstoppable.

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