As we all know, and as nature reminds us, everything flows.

It’s an important piece of understanding for life.

Nothing is permanent, everything is cyclical, and everything is energy.

And energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed.

(In this case, we intend to transform it from blah to f-yeah!)


The tides is an example of how the moon affects everything; it moves the most powerful body of water up and down every day.

Since we too are mostly tiny sacks of water, of course we are affected by the phases of the moon. And those of us that experience life through our senses even more!

Leading up to the full moon, we might experience more fullness/pressure/intensity in emotions, thoughts, and body.

Lots of us might feel “fat” and “bloated” aka holding on to more water, or feel heavy, sluggish, tired, and super duper hungry.

That is compounded in the spring for those of us that have a lot of earthiness in the body already (kapha dosha).

So there is nothing wrong with you and no action to be taken except to accept, and to honor this time.

To trust, to allow, and to pick the kindest choice available to keep feeling good with it.

It always passes.

While this experience of emotional/mental/physical fullness this may sound terrible, the full moon is actually helping us to illuminate things and supports us in the process of letting go.


Releasing, forgiving, detaching, surrendering.


I don’t know about you, I could always use help in that department. For all of us, part of the human experience is having an ego, and the ego likes to grip, to control, to have things always be and stay the same (good luck with that! Love, the Universe)


During the time leading up to the full moon, things that don’t work, are in our way, or hold us back are illuminated!

(And yes, that can be unpleasant AND it’s always good news as the universe is always on our side!!!)


So with that magic spotlight on, it’s a great idea to write down all the things we want to let go of:
Habits, beliefs, people, wounds, stories, things, situations, emotions…


Once it’s all out on paper, we could burn it (outside and safe please), and while it is burning, really let ourselves experience the release, which may involve crying (which btw is always a wonderful thing!).


We could sit and breathe deeply, asking spirit for support:


Spirit, please help me to surrender everything that no longer serves the highest good for myself and everyone involved, thank you.

I am letting go, and now it is so!


And there are tons more ideas and rituals we could perform, and you do not have to be a witch, sage, shaman or anything “special” to practice surrender.


Simply setting the Intention to let go and focussing our attention on letting go works.


Energy flows where intention goes.


When we invest our energy in letting go, it shall be so.


As always, when approaching ourselves and looking at opportunities for growth, please remember that you are the CEO of the business of being in this physical experience:


The Compassionate Empowered Observer!


So please don’t judge, condemn, or criticize yourself for what’s being illuminated or your physical/mental/emotional experiences!


Instead, zoom out like an eagle and with a keen eye, notice things, observe, and pay attention.


Trust that all is well, and everything is always working out for you.


A few more things to spark your creativity:

  • Burning sage and asking spirit to help you cleanse your body, mind, spirit: spirit, please gently and completely remove all energy that no longer is in the highest good, thank you. Please help me to let go, to heal, to free myself from everything that is holding me back, thank you.
  • Guided writing: as we sit down, asking spirit to guide us, writing freely without judgement/grammar correction…just letting it flow.
  • Using a deck of cards and letting ourselves be guided to a card
  • Using crystals
  • Using essential oils
  • Doing a chakra cleansing meditation
  • Creating your own ritual with friends, while enjoying a delicious meal and celebrating endings as something needed, wanted, and powerful.
  • Simply taking TIME for yourself to connect, get honest, check in.

Ps: the new moon is a time for setting new intentions. And if you been working with setting intentions, the full moon helps you to shine a light on what has been holding you back in the manifestations of your true desires.


And my personal favorite: massive dance parties that involve twirling like there is no tomorrow.

Whatever you choose, if it’s fun and easy: it’s for you!