Healing Sound Baths

Healing Sound Baths


Join Elli every Tuesday at Still Soul Studio
7 Radcliffe street, downtown Charleston.
11.15-11.45 Powerful Guided Meditation
6.15-7.15pm Sound Bath

Music composed by
Ian Morris/Listening to Smile




What is a Sound Bath?

A Meditation to Sound.
Your body, being composed of mostly water, IS the bath, and the sound is the “soap”.

The Music is composed using specific healing frequencies that move us from a place of imbalance to a place of balance.
(solfeggio scale and binary beats)

Sound, coupled with Intention and breathing, allows our brain waves to shift from Beta waves (normal consciousness) to Alpha, Theta, or even Delta waves (relaxed mind, meditative state, or sleep, where self healing is activated)

The sounds encourage every cell of our bodies to release blocked energy, release old emotions, and achieve more health and balance in our day to day.

“For the first time in four years, I feel hopeful again”

“Best nights sleep I have had in a long time”

“I released so much, I feel like a new person”

– just a few things we hear from our participants.

Sound Healing has been around for centuries, it’s not a new age woo-woo thing, and thankfully science is catching up to what healers and masters have taught all along: sound is a gateway to the soul and profoundly healing, and I am beyond passionate about it!

Still Soul studio provides comfortable cushions for you to lay on, wear warm and normal clothing, and be sure to reserve your spot.

If you cannot make it Tuesday’s, be sure to come Thursday’s 6.15-7.15pm with Jen Snyder, author of the HMS log book.


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