E-boosters Podcasts

Empower. Energize. Elevate.

Start your day by stretching your mind, body, and soul!
Grab your favorite warm beverage and get gemütlich (cozy and content) with me.

I love to riff about the things I am passionate about.
These podcasts are mental downloads of the current way I perceive things.

Topics are usually inspired by absolutely anything that I feel lead to share.

I don’t actually know anything that you don’t know or have not heard before.
And I enjoy looking at things as a compassionate witness.
I am always on the look out for making difficult concepts into simple action steps.
For looking at ways to live from our center as the new normal.
For miracles; changes in perception.
I believe that every problem has a spiritual solution and that’s the persective I am inspired to pass on here.

When we look at things from this point of view, the solution appears to be paying attention and adding love.
Closely followed by music and dance!

Again, I don’t know anything. I share my current points of view.
That means I will likely contradict myself.
And there will be swear words here and there.
I never edit any of these. Raw, and unfiltered.

My hope is that you take that which inspires you, and leave the rest behind.

Remember that we always have the choice to make each day more auspicious.

I give thanks to spirit for inspiring me daily through all its manifestations of love.
And especially the ones that come in form of my teachers, friends and clients. Without your support and encouragement, I would have let my ego stop me from making these.