How does this work?

I offer 1, 3, 6, and 12 month programs. Each program is tailored to YOU.
My job is to be a mirror to you, helping you gain understanding, relief, and clarity, so you can make choices you feel proud, fulfilled, and empowered by!

I pick you up where you are;
If you have no idea where to start, don’t know exactly what you want, and feel utterly out of control, we begin by getting clear and centered.

If you already know what you want, are ready for the EXTRA in the ordinary, for more meaning and purpose, and just don’t know how to get there, or are sabotaging yourself, we strengthen the superpowers needed to take the leap.

If you have a specific struggle (with your self care, others, work, or habits that no longer serve you) that just keeps coming up, we get to the root, pull it out, and plant-water-grow into a better-feeling pattern.

If you wear so many hats that you forgotten who-you-are or what you are here to do, we cut through the illusions so you feel yourself again and remember how to be.

Or if you are going through transitions and yearn for a safe and supportive place to process, heal, and rebirth yourself, you are in the right place.

Wherever you are, we take your life to the next level.

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I don’t tell you what you should do.

Instead, through a process of asking questions, and strategic tools, I hold a space for you to reconnect to your Intuition, so that you trust yourself again and feel in charge of all areas of your life.

It’s about bringing back your sparkle and helping you to make choices based on your highest self.

In your customized program, we map out your vision and you are supported step by step, so you can feel more and more the way you want to feel in your own skin, career, or relationships, and co create the life you desire.

We raise awareness to your daily thoughts, words, and actions so you can discover your unconscious blocks and gently and effectively let go of what no longer serves you.

Through strategic intervention we get clear on what your inner most being really wants, and how you can create more of that one step at a time.

We connect on a weekly 60-90 minute call, and you receive resources, tools, recordings, and a summary of the topic/solutions of each week.

Each week we have a specific focus and inspired action step to allow you to bridge the knowing to the doing.

During our free 30 minute consultation call, we choose a recommended length for your program.


1 month
3 month
6 month
12 month


Need a spark plug? Want to experience an ideal day of self care and transformation?
Spend a day with me for a powerful energy makeover.
Includes coaching, nutritious and delicious meals, exercise (Yoga/walks/Pilates/kickboxing/or weight training), Meditation, and a dose of nature.
Couple-, group-, and corporate coaching available.

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