I m on a passionate mission to inspire as many people as possible to meditate by creating a variety of accessible, effective and fun Meditations for everyday situations. Enjoy these free meditations over at resonance space with headphones, and fit your daily practice in when it works best for you, as “nothing you want is upstream” (A.Hicks).



Explore the sacred concepts of sound and vibration in order to modulate focus, mood, emotional state, and physical well-being in this free meditation. “Chakra Meditation (285hz and 291hz)”  Music by Listening To Smile (Ian Morris)

Most people know that Meditation is a great idea.
And they don’t do it because:

Fear of failure
Sucking at it
Believing they have to stop thinking (ps-that’s impossible)
Don’t have time
Don’t know how
Seems Culty
Fear of changing
Fear of what they find
Fear of feeling emotions
Fear of having to change

Fear of truth
Comfortable in pain, not comfortable with feeling good
People not liking them if they change
Fear of taking responsibility
Fear of People leaving you

Too wound up physically, too many stimulants to sit
Making people tired.

If that sounds like you, let’s dismantle a few of those limiting beliefs:

Your mind always goes around.

Meditation teaches you how to become a compassionate observer to your thoughts. It teaches you that you can pivot your present moment awareness towards wherever you choose to. That’s empowering.

Meditation teaches you how to be the CEO of your life – the compassionate empowered observer

If you have time for social media, you have time to mediate.

You do not have to be religious or spiritual to practice Meditation.

There are a variety of styles, and guaranteed one that works for you.

Meditation does not change who you really are, it reveals your best self again.

It’s safe to look within, as everything that’s buried in your subconscious mind has once been a present moment for you.

Joy and peace are our natural state, and being wound up and anxious is not.

Once we are at peace, everything falls into place and not the other way around.

Our relationships are always a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. Your relationship with yourself improves greatly through Meditation, and that means all relations around you improve. That sometimes means the end of some relationships that are no longer healthy.  

Purely scientifically speaking, Meditation allows our brain waves to shift to Alpha, theta, or Delta waves; relaxed state, highly conscious, and super consciousness-who would not want to feel more alive, connected, at peace, decisive, and joyful?

If you feel über restless and it actually feels painful to mediate, try doing it after you moved your body (after a walk, workout, Yoga practice), and eventually it will be more enjoyable to sit without moving first.

Most people’s nervous system is so fried and in fight-flight-freeze mode that the kindest choice would be to move first, and then meditate. Over time, the nervous system and hormonal system regulates, and homeostasis is restored, making being still feel amazing and nourishing again.

Ok, inspired?

To enhance your experience and ability to shift from inner Analyst (monkey mind) to CEO perspective, I have teamed up with musicians who use Sound Healing.

The music behind my guided Meditations is using binaural beats, isochronic tones, and solfeggio frequencies. This scientifically enhances the ancient wisdom tradition of Meditation. Perhaps think of it like super charged Meditation for modern life.

Sound Healing has been around for centuries and is widely used in holistic healing and energy medicine.

In recent years it has become popular for increasingly popular for studying, focus, productivity, reprogramming limiting beliefs, healing from trauma/disease, and enhancing Wellbeing and inner peace.

(Please browse Resonance Space for more details)
The sounds make deep relaxation and expansion of consciousness easy for you.

So please enjoy these Meditations, whenever you want, wherever you want, and make sure you are not driving, or using heavy duty machinery, or have epilepsy.

Use headphones for best results.

Thank you for being part of the SOULution.

As you raise your energy, you positively affect everyone around you.
And the world needs you feeling good, being confidently yourself, and sharing your unique gift.