Guten Tag! I am so glad you are here.
Here is a bit of my story…
I am a healer, spark plug for change,
and my clients call me a compassionate bullshit cutter.

I was born and raised in Germany, had a very unique and often challenging upbringing in a small village.

I knew as a little girl that I wanted to heal people, so I earned my first degree in Physiotherapy (a hybrid degree of physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, and athletic training).

I worked in this field for about a year, and then fell in love with the quarterback of the football team I was working for.

So I followed my heart and Intuition and immigrated to the states at age 23.

When my degree was not transferred, I started to do full time what I had done throughout University; Coaching fitness and nutrition, working as a holistic personal trainer and group fitness teacher.

After we moved to Charleston, SC, in 2004, I chose to believe my fears that I also needed an American college degree to be ‘taken seriously’.

I graduated with honors from the college of Charleston in 2007 with a BS in Health education and a splash of Psychology.

I grew my business as a health and fitness coach, and I made a great little fitness bunny (this is me attempting to be sarcastic).

I was married to a handsome man, had a big following of clients, and on paper all looked as though life was grand.

But I knew I was not really living the life I am here to do.

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I often felt anxious and “depressed.”
Leaving my family, moving across the ocean, changing career, getting married super young, and having no self care habits to balance out the taking care of others…all left a mark.

At age 25, I began to work with a spiritual mentor, whom I attribute most of what I know and teach to this day, as well as my personal well being and growth. Thank you David!!

My thinking was so perfectionistic that I often didn’t even start something out of fear I would not do it up to par to my imagined standards. I would experience super intense headaches from all the pressure I put on myself.

I glorified being busy so much that it felt like hard work to be present, and almost impossible to rest.

Actually, my body got sick a lot, my soul’s way of telling me that my thinking was out of alignment with my truth.

As we know, the body never lies.

I would often overeat to the point of immobility to ground myself and to force a stop to the unproductive doing-doing-doing.
Nothing could fill the hole, until I learned to make self care my default.

It started by raising awareness of what I was thinking, saying, and doing on a daily basis, without judging it, and simply accepting myself and all of it.

And as I let go and surrendered more into my center and remembered who-I-am, I also remembered some things I had been stuffing down and running away from.

Awakening to what I had been avoiding to feel and deal with felt empowering and painful at the same time.

It was then that I learned that the only way out is through.

Now in my late 20s, it was time to rethink my life’s mission, my career. I had been playing small and shrunk myself down. Afraid to be too much, too loud, too this and not enough that.

I was no longer loving getting up at 5am every day, wearing spandex, standing in florescent light…everything about it felt so not me.

But I was glorified for it, and earned good money, so I stayed in that comfort zone a little longer.

Back then, “life coach” was not really on my radar, so I thought about going back again for a degree that would allow me to guide people towards the life they imagined.

It took 8 years from the moment of knowing how I wanted my ideal day to look like, to live it fully.

For the the better part of my late 20s and early 30s, I studied my brains out.
I wanted to understand thoughts, emotions, and behavior on a spiritual and on a scientific level.

I wanted to know all of myself, so I could be the kind of coach and teacher I felt called to be.
I didn’t drink alcohol for 8 years, and was living über clean, and learned a lot from that choice.

I became certified in Yoga in 2007, in Ayurveda shortly after (Ayurveda-the oldest system of holistic medicine), and in lifestyle design coaching in 2012/13.

In my early 30s now, I expanded my business from health and nutrition coaching, to holistic life coaching.

I had found a way to combine everything I had studied and am passionate about in one!!! F!yeah!!

Soon, I got inquiries from people living in other parts of the country, and world, and to my amazement, working with people on the phone was just as effective, if not even more so, than in person.

This all happened right around the time that things got really challenging In my personal life.

I had finally a passion and purpose fueled career that allowed me to work from anywhere and really share my gift.
I had transformed anxiety and perfectionism into trust and multi passionate creativity.
I had transformed my crappy relationship with myself into really loving and supporting myself, and had just begun to really express my true self…
when my ex husband revealed that he had been unfaithful for 2/3 of our 12 year marriage.

The pain I felt was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

I was familiar enough with pain and suffering to have chosen a career in which learning how to end suffering and navigate through pain was the focus.

And this one cracked my heart wide open.

It woke me up.
Transcended my ability to love.
Taught me how to grieve.
Showed me where I had been betraying myself.
Really allowed me to enter a state of forgiveness and appreciation.
Taught me how to really have my own back and let spirit guide me.
Taught me to let go of the good opinion of other people.
And taught me how to really be the CEO of my life; the compassionate empowered observer.

I finally could see things really clearly again.

It was a huge piece of ten years of a fog that I could never pinpoint while I was in it.
I took about two years to rebirth myself and to feel fully grounded and clear about what I want and what I am called to do next with this precious life.

I consider it now one of the greatest gifts I received yet.

Besides coaching internationally one on one, I also work with local couples, women’s groups, patients at doctor’s offices, host workshops, meditations, and give talks in our wonderful community. I write articles and blogs, and am always up to something to bring a variety of resources to you.

I spend a third of the year working from Germany, so I can spend time with my mom and brothers.

So, that’s part of my story, and I chose to share things beyond my education and “work experience”, so that you know that I have been there, that I have taken enough detours to know what not to do, and have gathered a boat load of tools for transformation.

As my life unfolds and things are constantly moving and changing around me, I have permanent residence in my center deep within, observing myself and life with humor, trust, and a deep understanding of the laws of the universe. Looking forward to connecting!